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A new guidelines to councils, making clear the wide range of powers at their disposal to tackle the so called ‘beds in sheds’ has been launched by the Housing Minister Grant Shapps and Immigration Minister Damien Green.
The clampdown on rogue landlords who were renting out dangerous and unsuitable living conditions for vulnerable tenants with poor maintenance and overcrowding was announced aft




The pilot scheme launched yesterday would entail thousands of young unemployed being barred from receiving benefits unless they put up three months of unpaid work as a preparation for the jobs market.
The scheme would apply to new benefit claimants aged 18-24 unless they can show that they already had a significant job.
They are suppose to spend 30 hours a week on 'community benefit' work




Landlords in Scotland will be given more powers so as to crack down on anti-social behaviour in social housing.

The Scottish Government had received an overwhelming backing to its plans after its consultations received good responses it was confirmed.

More than 90 per cent of tenants groups and landlords have supported landlords being able to take into account previous anti-socia




An official figure released yesterday has revealed that Britain was in the grip of a buy-to-let boom with landlord’s loans touching all time high of more than £160billion.
The figures were from the Council of Mortgage Lenders showing that there were 1.42 million buy-to- let mortgages, compared to just 89,000 a decade ago.
Experts said landlords were cashing in on the fact that a generation




The accountant firm PKF has warned that the government plans to introduce cap on income tax relief if becomes a law would see small and medium sized enterprises pushed bankruptcy.
A consultation by the government was published on the 13 July and it is seeking views on how to implement its proposals on capping of tax relief in the Finance Bill 2012.
This relief the paper says would be appli




According to a poll by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), activity of housing market was at its weakest readings in June, for new buyer enquiries and new instructions for more than a year and a half.
It revealed that some more surveyors had reported price falls rather than rises in June, compared to the previous month. It was the weakest reading since October.
The next




New measures to boost the rural economy is on the anvil with the Planning Minister Greg Clark saying that landowners could be allowed to convert barns, which are not being used, into shops, cafes and even rock music venues which would not require any planning permission.
Mr Clark said that the controversial idea would make it easier for firms and entrepreneurs to create jobs in the countryside




The homelessness charity Shelter has compiled figures which show that in 2011/12 Barking and Dagenham in London were having the worst rate of mortgage possession claims with 8.44 claims per 1,000 homes by the local authority compared to the national average of 3.5 claims per 1,000.
Many areas in the North West of London have taken the top ten list of England along with various other hotspots




To tackle ‘broken down’ communities where tenants run riot a crackdown is being aimed where the landlords of such tenants would face fines up to £20,000.
Areas in the city where antisocial behaviour has been shattering the peace, officials were looking to impose new rules on private landlords.
There are some public housing providers like the Derby Homes which has to take immediate action i




The lessee claimants of Barrie House consisting of 37 flats in West London opposite Kensington Gardens had served an Initial Notice under the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 seeking collective enfranchisement of the free holding of the building along with the gardens and the driveway to the property.

The defendant freeholder accepted their request for the building




Bol Thour sued the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead after it had stated in a reference that he was under investigation following allegations of aggressive behaviour.

The reference further stated that as he resigned when the investigation process was in progress no formal action was taken.

In the case of Thour v Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust the judge observed that Thour was empl




The Scottish Property Federation (SPF) has cautiously welcomed the reform of stamp duty as proposed by Holyrood a move which plans to end the
The Scottish Property Federation (SPF) has cautiously welcomed Holyrood proposals to reform stamp duty in a move that could see an end to the no longer relevant ‘slab’ system from 2015.
The changes were announced by John Swinney as part of the La




The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), has said that in the days to come house prices in the capital would see a rise of 2.4% this year while the prices in the North East is set to drop by 2.7% this development is to continue into the next year with prices in London rising and that in the North- East falling.
Chief executive, Douglas McWilliams, of CEBR, said that the demand in




In the case of:
(1) Attrill & Ors; (2) Anar & Ors v (1) Dresdner Kleinwort Ltd; (2) Commerzbank (2012) EWHC 1189 (QB). Owen J. 9 May 2012
The claimants were the employees and former employees of Dresdner Kleinwort, who sought payment of bonuses which they maintained, were outstanding to them.
Dresdner Kleinwort was a service company in the global investment banking division of the Dre




The proposals would allow the local authorities to raise an extra £420 million a year in Council Tax from homes left vacant for two years and second homes which are used only for weekends.
The home owners who currently claim discounts for under use would be paying empty home premiums as penalty for keeping their homes empty.
According to a government estimate more than a million homes stoo




Taking a cue from the government’s initiative to check unsocial behaviour among troubled families the Bracknell Forest has taken up a project with more than £1.1 million to tackle troublemakers and serial truants.
The government funds would be used to help 115 families over the next three years which would cost around £10,000 per family.
A co-coordinator would be employed by the Bracknell




The private landlords would need to obtain a license before letting their homes which is seen as safeguarding the interests of the increasing number of private tenants from poor or exploitative landlords.
The Labour-controlled government is also putting forward a white paper, which include schemes to build more new homes and make sure empty properties are filled.
The Welsh housing minister




Sympathy with victims of sexual abuse should not be grounds for courts to extend the law on compensation "infinitely" and impose extra liabilities on employers, the court of appeal has been told.
In a test case that could see a change of relationships between many organisations and their staff, the trustees of a Catholic diocese have denied responsibility for crimes allegedly committed by a pr




In a drug related revenge attack two men who were found guilty of killing a man on November 13 last year have been sentenced for a long term in prison.
The jury heard that the two who had employed Mr Leroy Burnett to supply drugs found that he was using drugs for himself and murdered him as he was in debt to them.
Colliston Edwards, 38, was ordered to serve a minimum of 32 years and Andre