Religious discrimination claims at Strasbourg court rejected

Discretionary leave to immigrant children seeking indefinite leave to remain was unlawful rules High Court

Universal Credit system – definition and people who will be affected

How to apply for a council home

Can someone be entitled to the interest that has accrued on inheritance money during the time it was held by the lawyer handling the estate?

A study calls for the justice system professionals to reduce delays in courts when neglected children are involved

Awareness on what constitutes domestic violence abysmally low among women and more so in younger group

Care costs for elderly to be capped at £75,000 with means test of wealth for eligibility set at £123,000

Remitting of contempt cases only if there was a need for fresh investigation – Supreme Court clarifies

A school secretary claims unfair dismissal after ending relationship with the headmaster

ILO report says domestic workers around the world have no legal protection

Payday loans with astronomical rates may be banned very soon

Risk averse companies take third party funding to pursue claims

Sole practitioners would come under the same regulations which guides firms and ABSs

The new housing minister called housing association to help build new homes for private rent

Guidelines to clampdown illegal renting by rogue landlords

New scheme in benefit reforms for young people launched in London

A report into the housing shortage has proposed relaxing of planning regulations to kick start the ailing housing industry.

Scotland housing Bill to give more powers to landlords to deal with anti social behaviour in social housing

Official figures show its investors market with buy to let market booming touching record high

The proposed tax relief cap would send SME entrepreneurs to bankruptcy says accountant

RICS predict housing market will not pick up until deposits for first time buyers are lowered

Plans are being laid down to allow the usage of barns into shops, cafes etc without requiring any planning permission

Repossession could happen swiftly rendering people homeless in the present economic meltdown a charity says

Antisocial behaviour by tenants in private holdings would entail their landlords being fined

In a recent case in the High Court of Justice an interesting point on enfranchisement law was clarified.

In a libel suit the High Court has ruled that a lab assistant could not sue an NHS hospital for libel over a job reference.

The transfer of control of stamp duty from Westminster and a new proposal to reform the existing stamp duty system has been welcomed by the SPF

London housing market set to remain buoyant despite the eurozone turmoil with more and more Europeans shopping for homes in London

A case law on informally guaranteed contractual obligation

Those landlords and second home owners who left their properties empty for more than two years are to face a new penalising tax regime.

A scheme propounded by the government to help troubled families is being started by Bracknell Forest council

The Welsh assembly is to vote on the proposed reforms which would allow only accredited homeowners to let their properties.

A land mark case in the making which would see change of relationships between many organizations and their staff over the issue of vicarious liability

Two men who committed a drug related murder were sentenced to a total of 65 years in prison

What is a general and special power of Attorney?

How Do I Go About Buying My Council Home?

A Simple Guide to Selling Your Home

A Simple Guide to Buying Your Home

Is Your Home Being Repossessed?

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The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Justice has refused to hear an appeal by Lillian Ladele and two other Christian claimants who said they had been unfairly discriminated on grounds of religion.




Before determining the period of leave to remain is granted to the immigrant children the welfare and best interests of the children must be considered the High Court has ruled.

Granting of short term leave and then subsequently extending it for another short period could leave the children in a state of Successive grants of short periods of leave can leave children in a limbo and may harm their welfare the High Court said.




The government as part of its benefit reforms package has started to trial Universal Credit for the first time from 29th of April. There are some who are going to be affected
Universal credit is a new single payment for people who are looking for work on a low income. It is designed to simplify the benefits system by bringing together a range of working age benefits into a single payment.




You can apply for council housing through your local council and normally there is a waiting list which you have to join and above it there is no guarantee that you would get a property. Ask your council the time period you are likely to wait.




The answer is not very straightforward as one might imagine. Jim Clarke a chartered accountant would found out the same after his mother had expired last year.
As reported in the Herald the estate was worth around £240,000, much of which was held by his probate solicitor for six months. Yet when the estate was finally settled, Mr Clarke was told he would get no interest because of a little-known ruling by the Law Society of Scotland in November 2011.




Family justice system professionals judges, family lawyers and other agencies involved should aim to reduce delays in court proceedings when dealing with abused and neglected children says a study by Loughborough academics.




A research by domestic violence charities has found that knowledge among women on what constituted domestic violence was ‘shockingly low’.




Governments plans to reduce the cost of long term care by slashing future care home bills for poorest pensioners in Britain would still leave most pensioners having to sell their homes to meet care bills says experts.
The means test for the level of wealth at which individuals have to pay for all their cares has been planned to raise at £123,000 and the costs which the residents have to pay for their care would be capped at £75,000.




Unless there was a requirement for fresh investigation, for new facts, appeal courts do not have to send contempt cases to the first instance courts, the Supreme Court clarified.

B’ an Algerian national who was sentenced to four months imprisonment for contempt in 2010 by the Special Immigration Appeals Commissions (SIAC) for refusing to reveal his real identity went to the Court of Appeal where his lawyers argued that it was a breach of articles 3 and 8 or the ECHR.




A school secretary who ended her relationship with the headmaster of the college, she was working at, had to live in fear an employment tribunal was told.

Mark Stenton, 42, who was posted to get the failing school up and going with special measures had brought in new rules on discipline and started a physical relationship with the married mother of three Mrs Honeywell.




The International Labour Organization (ILO) has said that at least 52 million domestic helps world-wide were experiencing poor working conditions and insufficient legal protection.

‘Domestic workers across the world’ is the report first of its kind from the ILO and is aimed at capturing the size of the domestic work sector, working conditions and the extent of legal protection enjoyed by domestic workers worldwide.




Government is going to cap payday loan rates to help cash strapped borrowers from falling into desperate debt.
The rates have reached astronomical proportions in recent times and were creating a debt trap for people who had no other means to get some cash to meet their immediate requirements.




Lawyers have warned that rapid expansion of third party litigation funders has surprised the legal community and easy profits in the early years could turn to heavy losses if judges award costs against the losing side at the end of protracted cases.




The changes to regulation of sole practitioners into the line with the regulation of other law firms and ABSs to be made in the Solicitors Act 1974 is going to be consulted by the Legal Services Board (LSB)
The LSBs website has said that the launch date could be anytime next month but a spokesman said that it depended on when information was received from the SRA.




The Housing Minister Mark Prisk in his first speech urged the housing associations to turn their expertise in providing social homes to also build new homes for private rent.
He called on the Landlords to bid for a share of a £10billion Government Guarantee and give a fillip to building in Britain by delivering homes built for new tenants, whether in social homes or for private rent.




A new guidelines to councils, making clear the wide range of powers at their disposal to tackle the so called ‘beds in sheds’ has been launched by the Housing Minister Grant Shapps and Immigration Minister Damien Green.
The clampdown on rogue landlords who were renting out dangerous and unsuitable living conditions for vulnerable tenants with poor maintenance and overcrowding was announced after Mr Shapps and Mr Green had witnessed for themselves the squalid conditions the tenants were living in paying hundreds of pounds a week to live in. They ministers had attended an early morning visit to a suspected rogue landlord’s premises.




The pilot scheme launched yesterday would entail thousands of young unemployed being barred from receiving benefits unless they put up three months of unpaid work as a preparation for the jobs market.
The scheme would apply to new benefit claimants aged 18-24 unless they can show that they already had a significant job.




The government is understood to be considering give a boost to the construction industry by a new policy driven house building which would be funded by the public money.

The housing minister, Grant Shapps, has indicated his support for recommendations in a government-commissioned report into the housing shortage where planning regulations are relaxed so as to make developers to include social housing and allowing investors to build on public land at no initial cost.




Landlords in Scotland will be given more powers so as to crack down on anti-social behaviour in social housing.

The Scottish Government had received an overwhelming backing to its plans after its consultations received good responses it was confirmed.

More than 90 per cent of tenants groups and landlords have supported landlords being able to take into account previous anti-social behaviour when allocating social housing.




An official figure released yesterday has revealed that Britain was in the grip of a buy-to-let boom with landlord’s loans touching all time high of more than £160billion.
The figures were from the Council of Mortgage Lenders showing that there were 1.42 million buy-to- let mortgages, compared to just 89,000 a decade ago.




The accountant firm PKF has warned that the government plans to introduce cap on income tax relief if becomes a law would see small and medium sized enterprises pushed bankruptcy.
A consultation by the government was published on the 13 July and it is seeking views on how to implement its proposals on capping of tax relief in the Finance Bill 2012.




According to a poll by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), activity of housing market was at its weakest readings in June, for new buyer enquiries and new instructions for more than a year and a half.
It revealed that some more surveyors had reported price falls rather than rises in June, compared to the previous month. It was the weakest reading since October.




New measures to boost the rural economy is on the anvil with the Planning Minister Greg Clark saying that landowners could be allowed to convert barns, which are not being used, into shops, cafes and even rock music venues which would not require any planning permission.
Mr Clark said that the controversial idea would make it easier for firms and entrepreneurs to create jobs in the countryside.




The homelessness charity Shelter has compiled figures which show that in 2011/12 Barking and Dagenham in London were having the worst rate of mortgage possession claims with 8.44 claims per 1,000 homes by the local authority compared to the national average of 3.5 claims per 1,000.




To tackle ‘broken down’ communities where tenants run riot a crackdown is being aimed where the landlords of such tenants would face fines up to £20,000.
Areas in the city where antisocial behaviour has been shattering the peace, officials were looking to impose new rules on private landlords.




The lessee claimants of Barrie House consisting of 37 flats in West London opposite Kensington Gardens had served an Initial Notice under the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 seeking collective enfranchisement of the free holding of the building along with the gardens and the driveway to the property.

The defendant freeholder accepted their request for the building but objected to the enfranchisement of the gardens and the driveway.




Bol Thour sued the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead after it had stated in a reference that he was under investigation following allegations of aggressive behaviour.

The reference further stated that as he resigned when the investigation process was in progress no formal action was taken.

In the case of Thour v Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust the judge observed that Thour was employed by the hospital from September 2003 to September 2004.




The Scottish Property Federation (SPF) has cautiously welcomed the reform of stamp duty as proposed by Holyrood a move which plans to end the
The Scottish Property Federation (SPF) has cautiously welcomed Holyrood proposals to reform stamp duty in a move that could see an end to the no longer relevant ‘slab’ system from 2015.




The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), has said that in the days to come house prices in the capital would see a rise of 2.4% this year while the prices in the North East is set to drop by 2.7% this development is to continue into the next year with prices in London rising and that in the North- East falling.




In the case of:
(1) Attrill & Ors; (2) Anar & Ors v (1) Dresdner Kleinwort Ltd; (2) Commerzbank (2012) EWHC 1189 (QB). Owen J. 9 May 2012




The proposals would allow the local authorities to raise an extra £420 million a year in Council Tax from homes left vacant for two years and second homes which are used only for weekends.
The home owners who currently claim discounts for under use would be paying empty home premiums as penalty for keeping their homes empty.




Taking a cue from the government’s initiative to check unsocial behaviour among troubled families the Bracknell Forest has taken up a project with more than £1.1 million to tackle troublemakers and serial truants.
The government funds would be used to help 115 families over the next three years which would cost around £10,000 per family.




The private landlords would need to obtain a license before letting their homes which is seen as safeguarding the interests of the increasing number of private tenants from poor or exploitative landlords.




Sympathy with victims of sexual abuse should not be grounds for courts to extend the law on compensation "infinitely" and impose extra liabilities on employers, the court of appeal has been told.
In a test case that could see a change of relationships between many organisations and their staff, the trustees of a Catholic diocese have denied responsibility for crimes allegedly committed by a priest in a children's home.




In a drug related revenge attack two men who were found guilty of killing a man on November 13 last year have been sentenced for a long term in prison.
The jury heard that the two who had employed




Duncan Lewis:Power of attorney is an agreement between two people formalised in a legal document, whereby the donor gives the attorney the power to act on his behalf in matters of finance and property. The advantage to having such an arrangement set up in advance is that should anything untoward happen to you and you are unable to arrange things for yourself, the attorney will be able to act effectively on your behalf in terms of your finances and personal life.




Duncan Lewis:Council housing and social housing in all their manifestations and permutations have been the backbone of British life for many years now. Since the middle of the 1980s there has been a concerted move on the part of the various councils to sell their council houses off to their occupants as a part of the crusade for private ownership that blossomed under Mrs. Thatcher and has been encouraged by subsequent administrations.




Duncan Lewis:It can be a challenging and risky business selling your house, but if you keep a few things in mind you can’t go too far wrong.
First of all, don’t try to sell it too quickly; the process can take some time if you are after a realistic price for your house, and there is always the temptation to accept a low offer just to get it over with, especially if you want out because you have your heart set on another property.
If you are careful about managing the various risks along with your own expectations then you will save yourself a lot of unnecessary angst.




Duncan Lewis:Purchasing a home can prove to be a long and tricky process, but it can be broken down into just a handful of steps that will simplify the whole thing.




Duncan Lewis:If arrears on your home keep increasing over the months, your lender may make an application to the courts to take out a repossession order. Lenders vary in the time they allow the borrower to catch up, with some taking out repossession orders just six months after the first instance of arrears, although most will allow a longer period before they take legal action.




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